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We recognize importance of the personal information pro an agtection and we take responsibility as follows and handle the personal information of all of you who had "the inquiry form" on this site input. I have you understand these contents enough and, afterreement, hope that you inquire it.

  1. About a use purpose of the personal information We use the personal information that had "an inquiry form" input only for the next purpose, and there cannot be the thing using it in other purpose.
    • Answer to contents which you inquired
    • Notification to the visitor as part of our business activity
  2. About safety management of the personal information We maintain a regime in the company to prevent accidents such as a leak, the loss of the personal information and take physical and technical safety management measures. I carry out education about the appropriate handling of the personal information to a member of post thoroughly in total.
  3. About trust of the personal information to a third party, disclosure, an offer We,"1 About a use purpose of the personal information" about a specialty supplier and the personal information protection may entrust you with processing after having made a contract. There cannot be the thing that I disclose information to a third party without obtaining consent of all of you who inquired it and provide it unless I disclose it based on the requests of other public institutions.
  4. About the arbitrariness of the personal information offer and a result to occur when We don't contribute it The offer of the personal information for us is arbitrary. But approve it beforehand because you may not reply an inquiry when you cannot contribute all or a part of the necessary personal information.
  5. About disclosure, a correction of the personal information from the person, request of the deletion All of you who inquired it can demand disclosure, a correction, deletion of the personal information that had us provide it. When these are hoped for, please contact the following personal information charge teller. I cope after having confirmed that it is the person.
  6. Personal information protection manager Medical Tourism Japan Co,.Ltd. Representative Chairman, Katsuya Sakagami
  7. Inquiries regarding personal information Protection of Personal Information Window
    Phone: +81-11-865-8555
    Inquiry time: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00

In addition, about the action of our personal information, we obey a privacy policy to show in the following web address.

hen agreeing to handling of the above mentioned personal information, please press a submit(agree) button to the next.
After that please confirm the question. When correcting "send" when it's good, I "return", please push it.

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